World dog show Budapest 2013 results for romanian mioritic shepherd – three De Runc winners

world dog show budapest 2013 mioritic shepherd podium winners

1. Best of breed, world winner:  A-Tisa

2. Best male:  Remes de Runc

3. Best junior: Dochia de Runc

It was a very good day for me, every mioritic listed up is from the De Runc line, A-Tisa and Dochia de Runc are mine, and Remes de Runc (brother of Rarau de Runc and Poland champion) belongs to one of my clients.

It’s nice to have your work (for keeping this amazing breed as close to standard as possible and making sure it doesn’t loose the attributes that make it so special) confirmed in the world dog show.

Congrats to every dog breeder that attended.



Darzu, junior mioritic male

Darzu romanian mioritic shepherd by Petru Mustea (petru_mustea)) on

Darzu ( Brave in a rough translation) is a junior mioritic male from my line that just won the Best of Breed title in his first show (Suceava). He is quite impressive for a young dog, because he’s just starting to build muscular mass. Continue reading